Wargaming Podcasts

I’ve been listening to The D6 Generation gaming podcast for a few years now, basically since I started tabletop wargaming, and then I started listening to Meeples & Miniatures.  I’ve listened to some other podcasts along the way, but those two are the ones I make a habit of downloading and listening to new episodes when they are released.  Now I have another show to add to my “must listen” list.

Wargaming Recon is a show which has been around for several years, but I just discovered it while making a purchase of some paper terrain PDF items on Wargame Vault; it was one of those items mentioned at one side–“you may like this”–and it was free, so I added it to my purchases.  Turned out, it was episode 84, “Wargaming on the Cheap” and host Jonathan J. Reinhart provided a good introduction to getting into wargaming without spending a lot of cash.  Since then, I’ve gone back and listened to some past episodes, and a conversation with Henry Hyde got me finally interested to take a look at Battlegames magazine of which I’ve started buying PDF copies of the issues starting with the first.  So far I like what I’ve seen, but why shouldn’t I?  I’ve enjoyed listening to Henry in conversation with Neil on the View From the Veranda podcast (I consider it related to Meeples & Miniatures, especially since it doesn’t come out as frequently), and I like the conversational tone with an emphasis on fun and good gamesmanship when it comes to historical tabletop wargaming.


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