Williamsburg Muster

I reserved a hotel room for Friday night and spent a good deal of time the first weekend of February at the Williamsburg Muster gaming convention.  This was my second gaming convention; I had a great time at my first ever experience at Historicon 2012, and although this wasn’t so big, I enjoyed playing some new (to me) games, meeting some gamers, and taking lots of pictures of some great tabletops.

I took a scenic detour on my way and got myself a bit lost on some back roads around a town named Bumpass.  I arrived in time, however, to play a game of Cog Wars, and after an hour of maneuvering my ship across the water and trying to get my shipboard archers to shoot straight at the opposing ship, I succumbed to a boarding action and lost the battle.  Then I checked into my room, got something to eat, and spent the rest of the evening walking around the hall and taking pictures of some great games in progress.

Some Rangers in a 18th century game on the New Continent.

I was pleased to see a game of Muskets & Tomahawks.

I like the Irregular on the near end of the formation that seems to be looking up at the camera.

A game of Hail Caesar of a medieval siege–only the focus of the game didn’t involve the siege equipment but, rather, a sortie by French cavalry from the city attempting to destroy the English siege lines.

One of the siege engines in the Hail Caesar game.

A game of ACW ironclads featuring several model ships from Thoroughbred.

I joined a 1/285 scale WWII micro-armor game, taking command of a French armor company, and I ended up rolling poorly and lost two tank platoons in twenty minutes.

Later Friday night I met a friend from Williamsburg for a game of Dystopian Wars; two teenagers approached the table as we were setting up and expressed an interest in playing, so we ended up playing in teams and teaching the game to two new players.

We played past midnight, and I was happy I had a room upstairs to crash in for a few hours before my first game scheduled for Saturday morning.

Saturday morning I helped set up and then watched some of the Close Action of a frigate duel.

When I entered the main room on Saturday morning I immediately saw a big table (6×10 feet, at least) with a skirmish in the crumbling streets of Berlin, 1944.

There were also plenty of games featuring conflicts from the period which interests me most.

The end of a brutal tank battle with most tanks “flipped” as destroyed.

Not sure of the game, but I liked the scratchbuilt buildings at such a small scale.

Saturday afternoon we set up a 4-player game of Dystopian Wars.  We played as teams, but after my mechanical squid was swarmed by French fighter planes and then melted by a heat ray, the Blazing Sun team capitulated to the limited Russo-French alliance.

My mechanical squid blows off some steam after being swarmed by enemy fighter planes and just moments before the French heat ray melts it into slag which then sinks to the bottom.

At the end of the day, a drawing was held for a score of items–raffle tickets had been for sale.  Toward the end of the drawing the item which featured 1/600 metal models of both the Monitor & Merrimac from Thoroughbred came up; I commented to my friend that if I was going to win any of the items available, that is the one I would most like to win.  And then my name was called!  I kept myself from buying new ship models, especially those amazing products from Thoroughbred, but it turns out I walked away with a pair of these incredible ship models–the start of my collection of ACW ironclad 1/600 model ships.


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