Demo Games Day

I spent a Saturday in Maryland at Dropzone Games where I had a chance to see this great tabletop gaming store and run some demo games as well as try out some new games.  Shades organized the event, and beside my table set up for The Uncharted Seas was a setup for Deep Wars (two nautical themed games paired together), in the same room with games of Alkemy, Mercs, and Kings of War.



I ran several short demo games of The Uncharted Seas for interested gamers.  One of the players in the first group had played Dystopian Wars, so he had no trouble playing this game.


In addition to introducing the game to several browsing gamers (when offered a quick game I heard the response “maybe later” but only had one gamer come back later to take me up on it), I ran a very quick 2-turn sequence between a pair of cruisers and small ships per side (the interested gamer only had 20 minutes before leaving, so I set up ships within range band 2 and we went through moving, shooting, ramming & boarding in that time).


A new player prepared to move his Bone Griffons cruiser to deliver a double broadside against damaged Elven ships.

Between running demo games of The Uncharted Seas I was able to play a quick game of Deep Wars and I loved it.  The miniatures look great, and the system is easy to play with some dynamic tactical elements.  And it’s set at the bottom of the ocean with giant squid and sharks as random wandering monsters.  What’s not to like?


Shades ran a game of Alkemy which I also played and enjoyed.  Another skirmish game with some great figures and simple system mechanics.  The dice are great!


I got my native lizardmen into the ruins to loot the treasure chest, but the enemy crossbowmen shot my grenadier (I named him Leon the Seal Clubber) in the back something like four times, and then the rest of my crew were picked off and I conceded defeat.


Eric made it to show off MERCS, and he has a great range of painted figures.  Once again, however, I didn’t get a chance to play a game.  One of these days!DSCF1221

All together, despite several game masters not showing up, we had a good location at the front of the store to show off our favorite games to a good Saturday crowd.  It was a long drive home for me that night, but I’m glad I was part of the event.

Thanks again to Shades for organizing this event.



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