April Painting Project


On the first day of April, 2013, I started painting a set of 12 figures; I’ve clearly become enamored of Asian themed forces in both my naval and skirmish games, so I’ve determined to paint a force which can be used for 2 different skirmish tabletop games.  Eight of the above dozen figures will be used with a 200 point force for the Hell Dorado Day I plan to attend in 2 weeks at the Game Vault, and 9 of the same dozen figures will be used for future games of Alkemy, representing the Jade Triad.


I sculpted a “Jin Post” for my Alkemy force using a bit of Sculpey over a plastic drywall mount; the great thing about this terrain piece is it can also work as a stalactite terrain piece in games of Hell Dorado.  I bought a bag of golf tees to serve as the base structure for more Jin Posts/Stalactites.  The “shadow guard” on the left, in the photo above, from a recent Alkemy purchase, is also going to double as a proxy for a SwordMaster in my Hell Dorado force of Immortals, and the captain on the right is also going to serve as a Human Sentinel.

My love for the color yellow is showing throughout this force; I’m aiming for some contrast with a reddish purple, otherwise known as fuscia.


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