Sunday Game of Hell Dorado

Met my Usual Opponent for a game of Hell Dorado on Sunday, my Immortals versus his Saracens:  230 points each.


The book holding my unit stat cards was created by my Usual Opponent and fits the Asian theme of my preferred wargaming factions. The green dice track the number of current Command Points, and the yellow dice are all I need for the game. The Sphinx is just an extra piece of terrain we didn’t use.

We rolled up a CONQUEST scenario and TERRAFORMED the table; my Usual Opponent seized Dominance with his larger force, and I was forced to deploy first.  Of course, my fast melee independents moved quickly across the table and took out his musketeers before they could do any damage with their jezails.  But his scimitar-weilding warriors charged into my unit of poorly armed peasants on my left flank, and by the end of the 3rd turn I no longer had a left flank….


Immortals on the left, Saracens on the right, clashing around the giant skull in the center of an ancient battlefield. The table is divided into 9 different section, each section with special properties which affect the movement and tactical options of the pieces in the section. My figures have yellow circles around their bases while my Opponent’s figures have black circles.

In the end, after 4 turns, my opponent clearly controlled more of the battlefield than my Immortals, although we were not so mismatched in casualties and figures remaining on the table.


A key point in the first turn when the war panther ran up to engage my contingent of peasants, and then the Saracen alchemist threw a fire grenade which weakened the remaining peasants enough that they couldn’t put up a fight against the scimitar-wielding warriors during the 2nd turn.

So, after 4 turns, and a break to unlock a family member’s vehicle with keys locked inside, I conceded victory to my Usual Opponent.


My final dice roll, and I still have 2 figures on the table, but I’ve clearly lost control of the battlefield with Saracens in my starting deployment zone.


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