Tree Service

I’ve started painting my Wood Elven models for Warhammer, and I really like the forest dragon model, so I started with that one last night.  Next step–I want to take it from looking like this:


…to looking something more like THIS:

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Forest for the Trees


Everything is green again, and I’m starting my second Warhammer Fantasy army, inspired particularly by the new Wood Elves released the first week in May.  This weekend I finally ventured out, driving up to a state forest to explore and enjoy a walk in the woods; the excursion was, in part, a relaxing break from work and life in town, but it was mostly a field trip to study colors in the forest… for the sake of choosing the palette I want to use for painting my Wood Elf army.  I’m enjoying this preparation to paint a score of plastic soldiers in a range of green shades.  And because these are fantasy figures, I don’t need to concern myself with historic precedents–although I didn’t consider historical concerns when I have been painting my French & Indian War figures.

But while walking among the trees, hearing dozens of birds chirping away, I realize I need to get out more often for the sake of my health if not also for miniature painting inspiration.

The new store in town is in the process of expanding into a larger space, and we’re organizing a Warhammer event in June.  I’m keeping myself booked with gaming events, between volunteering with the regular teen events at the public library and now preparing to prep and cook hot meals for nearly a hundred people across next weekend at a gaming camp.  I’m enjoying some good success with the local Warhammer league, although I wouldn’t mind playing more games and expanding the scope of the Fantasy campaign.  On that note, it’s about time for me to pack up minis and head to the store to meet my Orks & Goblins opponent.