Jade Wood Elves

Looking at some of my green dice, I wondered at the precedent for painting the scale armor on my Wood Elves as if they were wearing scale armor made of jade plates.


I clearly enjoy painting these miniature soldiers with different shades of green–this preference seems to be indicated by the range of different paint pots I’ve acquired in the past Imagefew months.  I have more than a dozen different shades of green acrylic paint, not including some green inks and shades, and I have almost as many yellow paints, but I only have two pots of blue, both of which I’ve only used on painting the bases for naval models (with a dash of green ink, or course, to simulate the greenish/blue ocean waters).  And I found some pictures of museum pieces of Chinese stone armor which may support the concept of jade scale armor in reality, even though I’m talking about a fantasy game here but satisfies my secret, inner historian.


The regional master miniatures painter known as Shades (you can see some of his work on his awesome blog: http://minimayhem-theblog.blogspot.com/ ) offered some advice on how to achieve the effect of painting jade scales on a figure, and a quick stop by the FLGS this afternoon opened up my options with 3 new paint pots in 3 different shades of green I hadn’t yet procured (now I have a selection of 15).  The first layer of paint is drying on a test figure, more to follow.  In the meantime, I have made some progress with the bases on some Wood Elf infantry and the Sisters of the Thorn.

sisters I suspect the new WE army book out has spurred renewed interest in the faction, so most stock seems to be sold out.  But after a bit of inventory on my shelves, I finally opened a couple boxes of Avalon figures from the Alkemy range.  These figures are human 28mm miniatures, of a medieval theme, but definitely incorporate a sylvan theme as well which is consistent with the story of a human culture tied to ancient magic bonding them to the trees.  The first model I considered was this heroic pose for a glade general, the sort of character leading a company of Eternal Guard headlong into battle against rampaging Orcs & Goblins.  kr_lotharius_face1

And then there is the matter of the forest spirit Treekin.  When I first considered collecting some Wood Elf models, almost 2 years ago, I wasn’t terribly impressed with the Treekin models, but I wondered if I could craft my own using twigs and bark collected from the woods behind our apartments.  Unfortunately, twigs and bark combined with a little hot glue and mounted on a plastic base looks worse than the original Treekin models I was attempting to proxy.  But then yesterday I revisited the idea of proxied Treekin while examining these figures with their arms transformed into entangled tree roots.


The pictures above are clearly not my work, but beautifully painted figures I found related to the Alkemy game–it’s a great tabletop skirmish game, and I wouldn’t consider using some of these figures on square bases with my Wood Elf army if it wasn’t for the fact I already have 2 other factions already modeled and painted while these were still unopened in their respective boxes.  So it goes.


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