Historicon 2014

Historicon: another impressive collection of miniature wargames again this year in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I didn’t spend the entire weekend at the event, but my partner in time agreed to accompany me to see what it’s all about, and I took a few pictures of some tables and figures which captured my imagination.

H14 East TownH14 Airships2

The small city attracted both of us almost as soon as we walked into the main hall, and my partner was tempted to actually try a game set to run among the range of buildings on a huge table.  But sticking to our schedule, we walked around the rest of the space, checking out a big table set up for a steampunk game on another planet; Historicon features a variety of games, not only historical simulations.  But the Revolutionary battle set up across a winter scene got me thinking again about completing my own plan to create and run my own game set during the French & Indian War… maybe next year.

H14 Winter

H14 Samurai

H14 Spears Ancient H14 Martian H14 Landship House H14 Jungle River H14 Flea Market H14 FIW H14 30YW H14 BSG


Dystopian Wars Rises from the Waves

Sunday, last day of June, eight miniature gamers met at the Game Vault to play Dystopian Wars using the new 2nd edition rules.


It was a great turnout for a casual event, half the guys coming down from Northern Virginia.  We paired up in teams and then matched against players with fleets from opposing alliances.  One of the guys brought some excellent island terrain pieces.


I brought my Empire of the Blazing Sun to team up with a French contingent which was matched against my Usual Opponent and his Antarctican Anarchists.  My fleet went up against the Ottoman Turks.  Unfortunately, Japanese rocketry was ineffective, as usual (again, I must rescind the allowance for a shot of sake before each battle for the rocket battery officers), and the Turks withstood most attacks, eventually sinking my battleship and knocking my flying gun platform from the sky.


But the other players were engaged in their respective games, occasionally breaking to ask for clarifications of the new rules from the group.