Dystopian Wars Rises from the Waves

Sunday, last day of June, eight miniature gamers met at the Game Vault to play Dystopian Wars using the new 2nd edition rules.


It was a great turnout for a casual event, half the guys coming down from Northern Virginia.  We paired up in teams and then matched against players with fleets from opposing alliances.  One of the guys brought some excellent island terrain pieces.


I brought my Empire of the Blazing Sun to team up with a French contingent which was matched against my Usual Opponent and his Antarctican Anarchists.  My fleet went up against the Ottoman Turks.  Unfortunately, Japanese rocketry was ineffective, as usual (again, I must rescind the allowance for a shot of sake before each battle for the rocket battery officers), and the Turks withstood most attacks, eventually sinking my battleship and knocking my flying gun platform from the sky.


But the other players were engaged in their respective games, occasionally breaking to ask for clarifications of the new rules from the group.



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