Dungeons & Dragons

I could write a lengthly post about how important D&D stands among my personal pantheon of games–it’s practically the first game I tried playing back in 1982. And how I took a detour from gaming for a number of years, completely missing 3rd edition and barely registering 4e. But now I have a friendly, local gaming store right around the corner from where I live, the new D&D definitely caught my attention, and we started a new campaign with a familiar group of players last night.

I had the chance to break out a set of funny polyhedral dice and roll up a new fantasy character. I’ll be playing Or’Rhynn, the half-orc bard with drum and ambitions to join an order of paladins in the future, always insisting his human heritage is more evident in his thought an actions, although the orc nature still shows through at times….


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