Grilling & Gaming

The grill worked fine yesterday, when I tested it, but today I couldn’t get the gas flames above a flicker, so I ended up finishing the burgers and dogs in a pan on the range inside.  It didn’t seem to matter to the gamers, as they were reluctant to break away from a game of Arcana to eat anything.

tabletop232But eat they did, and after another game ended, many of the company disbanded, leaving myself and the representative from Team Green (everyone picked a color upon arrival and wore a sticker) to play 1775.  The Rebels began to make some serious gains, capturing and holding Boston and local environs while also consolidating the Carolinas and Maryland.  Unfortunately for all, a decisive victory could not be achieved by either side, and all of North America became French.



Playing Imperial Assault

I recently picked up the new Imperial Assault box from Fantasy Flight Games.  In the past two weeks I’ve painted most of the figures and played several campaign sessions with a group of players, and last night I finally played a skirmish game against an opponent.  My short review:  this is a fast and engaging game system; with the extra rules and cards for a player vs. player miniatures tabletop game along with the more RPG oriented Descent-styled game, this may prove to be a brilliant means for introducing casual tabletop gamers to the strange hobby of miniature gaming, especially considering the popular Star Wars brand.  I’m going to run this at a teen gaming event at the library soon!