Grilling & Gaming

The grill worked fine yesterday, when I tested it, but today I couldn’t get the gas flames above a flicker, so I ended up finishing the burgers and dogs in a pan on the range inside.  It didn’t seem to matter to the gamers, as they were reluctant to break away from a game of Arcana to eat anything.

tabletop232But eat they did, and after another game ended, many of the company disbanded, leaving myself and the representative from Team Green (everyone picked a color upon arrival and wore a sticker) to play 1775.  The Rebels began to make some serious gains, capturing and holding Boston and local environs while also consolidating the Carolinas and Maryland.  Unfortunately for all, a decisive victory could not be achieved by either side, and all of North America became French.


2 thoughts on “Grilling & Gaming

    • Yes, but with new players we stick with most of the basics. Although most players enjoy building their guilds with both A and B cards, not to mention picking a guildmaster.

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