Playing Age of Sigmar

Laini has started building her Wood Elf army in earnest, painting her first figures in addition to what I had painted last year, and she has been trying her army list against some other opponents. Of course, since I’m part of the team planning the event, I’m trying to stay impartial–she has been playing against other gamers in our group while I keep busy trying to finish painting Realmgates for the NOVA Open, and at this point she has played more games than I have played!

eagle2She played against an Empire army with lots of cannons yesterday. It was a tied game at the end of 4 turns, I think. I really didn’t get too involved, just answered some questions about the rules and the army composition format for the event–I’m trying to focus all of my free time on putting together the finishing touches for this coming weekend.

AoS test game 2 leftAnyway, it’s awesome she’s so excited about the game in general and the event coming up in particular. She has talked herself out of playing to win–she just wants to play some games against a variety of opponents and better learn to play the game (so she can beat me, of course). I’m definitely a lucky guy to find myself married to a lovely woman with an interest in playing tabletop miniature games!

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