Age of Sigmar at NOVA – Part 2

First, I can’t say enough about how awesome NOVA Open is as a gaming convention.

W round 2

Walking around, there IMG_0068was so much to see, from the huge Imperial Star Destroyer scaled to the X-Wing game, complete with lights, to the vendor hall with mini medic tables for quick repairs, the lemonade raffle with prizes for players losing games, and the demo tables for Wrath of Kings and HALO Fleet Battles.

spartan nova

Saturday morning started with everyone on time and ready to play. We had a great group of players, everyone already acquainted from the games played the night before, and we were ready to roll.Wstart

The first round was randomly matched. We had two players with Duardin, one with Wood Elves, another with Skaven, Tomb Kings, and, of course, Tim with his Bretonnian Knights which looked as awesome on the table as they did on their display board.



DSCF3935The Duardin seemed to be no match for the Tomb Kings and their summoning, but this was largely an experiment with competitive play in the relatively new Age of Sigmar game system. Everyone was proud of their painted figures, and the atmosphere was fun and adventurous, and the players were gracious in giving us credit for trying to organize an Age of Sigmar event merely two months after the release. I have never before had the privilege of managing such a fine group of players–there were some questions about the rules, and again of the special restrictions in place for this particular event, but otherwise the players managed themselves.skaven

After lunch, we were off with the second round, and the Skaven were on the battlefield in force. But those Bretonnian Knights came on fast, and the Green Knight could not be killed. At the end of the day, however, the Skaven hordes put up a good fight, and they managed to hold critical ground which was key to victory.


The Tomb Kings, however, continued to roll over their opponents, and another Duardin army was destroyed.


The end of round two left everyone ready for more. Even Laini was ready for the final round, even though she had challenging fights in the first two and was convinced she would end up placing last in the ranking at the end of the day.

Again, this was the most incredible group I’ve ever had the privelege to manage–I joked with my co-lead and the TO for this particular event that the players didn’t even need us.

I’ll save the final round and results of the first Age of Sigmar event at NOVA Open for the third and final installment of this blog series.


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