Age of Sigmar at NOVA – Part 3

Saturday was a our big day of gaming, and I described the first two rounds in the previous post: Part 2

nova aos

WAoS Scenario 3

For the third and final round, the TO set up the realmgates I had put together with some help from a couple of the local players in my group, with one prominently at the center of each table with a special scenario to score victory points by holding or even controlling the 10″ diameter space around the center of the gate.


The scores up to this round were close, although Norbert had claim to a significant lead with his Tomb Kings. But despite Tim’s Brettonian knights charging in and wrecking skeletons across the field, the Green Knight was busy elsewhere and the Lady remained with the artillery in the safety of the rear, and the Tomb Kings once more swept the field and won the final objective.


All together, everyone seemed to enjoy the casual nature of the event–Age of Sigmar is still new to all of us, and everyone was still learning new aspects of the rules along with the house rules we had put together for the event. I certainly had a great time helping out with NOVA this year, and with helping to organize and run the Age of Sigmar event in particular. I’m already planning terrain pieces and a narrative event for next year!

waos sean

Norbert won the overall painting & battle points prize, Richard won best battle points with his Skaven army, and Eric won best painter. Finally, on Sunday, we awarded the campaign prize to Sean for playing additional games and making the longest trip down from New York to attend.

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