Fancy & Lintyan Wars

A brief introduction to the Fancy & Lintyan Wars, including descriptions of the national powers from the Middle Continent and their colonial designs on the New Continent, in addition to the preferences in military uniform colors and alcoholic beverages.


The Nationalities with claims in the New Continent:

  • Le Imperium Fancy (“Limp-ury-um Fon-ZE”) – LIE  The Continental Empire which stretches from the Extravagent Sea in the West to the Blue River in the East, covering most of the Middle Continent save for the Grand Duchies of the Rhrindelassen and the Holy City of See on the Middle Finger Penninsula.  The Empire is constantly at war with either the RMK or the DVK.  Most of the central part of the New Continent is claimed by the Empire.  Their preference in uniform colors are white and blue.  They prefer to drink sweet wine but due to limited supply of grapes in most of the Middle Continent they also are known to drink honey mead and barley wine.
  • The Royal Magestic Kingdom of Wintergarten Isles – RMK  An archipelago of islands in the Bleak Sea north of the Middle Continent, bound together at the conclusion of the Magestic Civil War under a King and Parliment of secular Landlords.  Most of the eastern part of the New Continent is claimed by the Kingdom.  Their preference in uniform colors are red and black.  They drink dark beer with a bitter aftertaste.
  • DUHRY!IM VA& KUSXO8  (“PURR-y-HIM vaye ROOS-koe”) – DVK  The vast plains of the Eastern Continent is nominally controlled by the Duhryik Tzarrik, although still operating under a feudal system.  Some portion of the Northwestern part of the New Continent is claimed by the Duhryik, although most forts are operated by contractors licensed by the Tzarrik.  Their preference in uniform colors are green and yellow.  They drink a yellow lager, although northerners have been known to brew a concoction of fermented red beets and barley.
  • Universal Holy Extravaganza  – UHE  Dominating the Bearded Penninsula and ruled by the Most Holy Father of Extravagance, this relatively small but rich southern realm is sworn forever to protect the Holy City of See; an uneasy peace has existed between the Extravaganza and Le Imperium Fancy.  The southern penninsula of the New Continent is claimed by the Extravaganza.  Their uniform colors are yellow and black.  They only drink sweet wine from grapes which grow throughout the Bearded Peninsula.
  • Lintyan Tribes – The New Continent was not discovered in 1492 AD fully stocked with beavers and bears but void of human settlement.  The Lintyans are the collective name given to the natives by the original explorers from the Middle Continent, but individual tribes have their own names, languages, and distinct culture.  The Iohi Tribe, for example, always wear bird feathers in their hair and fight with bow & arrow while the Mozcow Tribe, alternatively, shave their heads before battle and cover their skin in war paint, preferring to carry firearms into combat.  Generally all Lintyans avoid alcoholic beverages but always drink strong tea.


Each year is divided into 10 months, each month alternating between 36 or 37 days, and 6 weeks of 6 days in each month, save for months with a 37th day which is observed as a holy day in the Universal Church and a public drinking day of gross intoxication in Wintergarten.  Except for the Duhryik which do everything backwards and observe 12 months of 30 days each but celebrate the Harvest Holiday of Sandwich in the middle of summer.  The current year is 1757 and designated as Anno Dominion which dates to the first year when the Middle Continentals started the calendar based on the annual solar cycle to keep track of their beer brewing.  Of course, the Duhryik calendar is the year 1776 as they continue to follow the lunar cycle although attempted to adopt the Middle Calendar in the first century.

The Iohi River Valley

The focus of our campaign is along the upper Iohi River, before it joins the Middlemarchtides estuary and drains into the southern Coco Gulf.  The Iohi Tribes in this valley are caught in a conflict among opposing colonial interests:

  • The Imperium to the west, downstream, based in the fortified town of Creve Cour;
  • The Majestic Royalists to the east, upriver, based in the fortified town of Silverplate (where a silver plate belonging to the Lord Earl of Southdowncommon was buried in the muddy riverbank to mark the site of the town to be established);
  • The Extravagents to the south based at the Holy Mission of San Luis Opposito where the monks campaign to convert the natives to the Universal Religion (and then the converted natives are armed and sent on “missions” to raid Imperium and Royalist settlements);
  • The Independent West Lintyan Company representing Duhryik interests in the north, collecting beaver and walrat pelts (but they occasionally join one force or another for sake of keeping all the interests balanced and a continued brisk trade in firearms, powder, and furs).

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