Dystopian Wars Rises from the Waves

Sunday, last day of June, eight miniature gamers met at the Game Vault to play Dystopian Wars using the new 2nd edition rules.


It was a great turnout for a casual event, half the guys coming down from Northern Virginia.  We paired up in teams and then matched against players with fleets from opposing alliances.  One of the guys brought some excellent island terrain pieces.


I brought my Empire of the Blazing Sun to team up with a French contingent which was matched against my Usual Opponent and his Antarctican Anarchists.  My fleet went up against the Ottoman Turks.  Unfortunately, Japanese rocketry was ineffective, as usual (again, I must rescind the allowance for a shot of sake before each battle for the rocket battery officers), and the Turks withstood most attacks, eventually sinking my battleship and knocking my flying gun platform from the sky.


But the other players were engaged in their respective games, occasionally breaking to ask for clarifications of the new rules from the group.


Dystopian Wars/Legions Team Campaign Day

Our British and Prussian players arrived from Richmond to play a game of Dystopian Legions with the objective of controlling the door to an uncovered underground vault in the desert. But the Prussian team arrived with one of their rolling ironclads (otherwise known as a “tiny tank”).

We’re all still learning the rules for playing Legions, but this game was interesting to see unfold. That Prussian “tiny tank” inflicted significant casualties against the British infantry, and then the Prussian armored steam knights marched up and siezed control of the hatch to the vault.

The Covenant player at the next table mobilizing some bombards to provide some artillery support, some of which hit their allied British troops.

But the Japanese fleet smashed the Covenant forces and took control of the coast, providing an escape route for the Prussian Legions team to take the artifact they found in the desert vault back to a secret lab.

And the allied Russian fleet which was guarding an approach to the Strait of Gibraltar? An FSA fleet arrived demanding passage, and when the Russians refused a shooting confrontation broke out–the FSA helped to secure passage for the Prussian and Japanese fleets out to the Atlantic, although intelligence reports still don’t inform exactly why this rogue fleet fired upon ships of the Grand Alliance or if this indicates any change of political aims for the FSA.

The awesome tropical islands seemed to have been relocated into the Med by strange effect of the powerful artifact uncovered in the North African desert….

Williamsburg Muster

I reserved a hotel room for Friday night and spent a good deal of time the first weekend of February at the Williamsburg Muster gaming convention.  This was my second gaming convention; I had a great time at my first ever experience at Historicon 2012, and although this wasn’t so big, I enjoyed playing some new (to me) games, meeting some gamers, and taking lots of pictures of some great tabletops.

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Choosing a Scale

I have a new set of historical wargaming rules, enthusiasm for the period–paints and brushes stand at the ready on my desk.  Now I need some figures!  My local games store carries a variety of board games and miniatures for roleplaying, fantasy and science-fiction games.  The closest figure I could find to 18th century French & Indian War is a Reaper miniature in fringed leather jacket and coonskin cap with a long rifle cradled in his elbow.

I remembered seeing some plastic figure packs at a local hobby store, and I went to buy several packs of Indians and Revolutionary War figures in plastic 1/72 scale produced by IMEX (and I bought several packs of wire pine trees on severe discount from the previous Christmas season).  The plastic figures are single pieces, easy to paint, and mounted on pennies (thanks to the federal government for subsidizing my hobby–there is no way I could purchase metal bases at a single cent per base, not even with cheap metal washers); they look good and stand ready to serve on the tabletop, and I’ve played several games with them already.

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