New Game in Town

A new game & hobby store opened in town this past weekend, and I realized I’m still feeling strange about the old one that closed a year ago. There are several reasons why the old Friendly Local Gaming Store closing without notice was, for me, something like going through a bad breakup with an ex-girlfriend; chief among those reasons was how much energy I had devoted to helping out with online promotion. In fact, I’m still technically an administrator for the FB page which is still up, and I feel a small ache of disappointment each time I receive a notice that someone new has “liked” the store’s page so many months after the sudden closure….

But the old FLGS closed almost a full year ago, and, although I occasionally dream that it reopens and I walk in to see some old friends and play games and organize events, I know it’s going to stay closed forever.

storeSo, it’s time to move on. And after checking out the new place in town, now open for business, I’m pleasantly surprised. Before I visited inside, I had doubts they would even stock the sort of games I prefer to play, and I considered not even bothering to check out the place because there was no way it could fill the gap as a FLGS for me here in my little town. But curiosity overcame skepticism, and the store is a gaming and hobby space I have only dreamed about–it’s clean, in a good location, stocks a variety of awesome products, features plenty of gaming tables (especially a couple of tables for miniature gaming), and the proprietor is a friendly guy with all the right attitude about community and customer service.

I’m reluctant to stretch the analogy between a favorite FLGS and a romantic relationship, but I find the best way to get over the hurt and disappointment of a favorite game & hobby store closing down is finding a new one open which is more appealing in every way than the ex.