Fawkes Hunt Age of Sigmar Narrative Event

Fifth of November. The Wizard Fawkes has absconded with the King’s mystic orb, and six generals lead their armies to find Fawkes and retrieve the artefact. Thanks again to the Game Vault in Fredericksburg for hosting.

The players were divided into groups of 3 at each table and set up 1,000 point forces each for the first round of Triumph & Treachery. The Wizard Fawkes had been spotted and the lead element of each army converged on the Wizard has he appeared to be furiously working his artefact in a desperate attempt to teleport away and escape.



Skaven, Chaos Bloodbound, and Duardin all move in to grab the artefact. The Duardin got to the wizard first–Fawkes vanishing in a cloud of mist but leaving the artefact to fall into the hands of the Duardin lieutenant.

Skaven jezzails attempt to snipe the Duardin artillerists.

The model carrying the artefact climbs aboard the flying boat and escapes the clutches of Chaos.

Meanwhile, at the other table, forces of Order, Chaos, and Destruction moved into a ruined temple complex to capture what appeared to be the Wizard Fawkes. It turned out this was the real Wizard, and the Duardin flying away discovered they had only captured a forgery which crumbled into dust.

In the second round of games, players took only a small scouting force composed of no more than 100 points of models, without any heroes, and sent these lead elements ahead to find the missing component which Fawkes had dropped before capture and which would unlock the full power of the artefact.

Once again, the Orruk warboss found fortune when his scouting troops found the key nearby in the temple complex. Now the full power of the artefact belonged to him! Would he immediately return it to the King or use it for his own nefarious schemes?

Eric brought along his customized deck of terrain cards to help players keep track of what different special terrain features did during the game. Very handy!

This is the Skaven abomination that simply would not die! It consumed a unit of Maneaters before turning to eat a pair of heroes.

An old Skaven cannon catches a shaman standing in a clearing on a nearby hill and shortened the lifespan of the fellow.

In the third round of games the full might of each general’s army was in the field, all 2K points for each player. All was thrown into disorder as each general fought to position themselves for superiority before the mystic orb could be used to change the course of history in the realm. Even the forces of Order turned against each other.

Nurgle sent his own chosen to stop the Orruks and their Warboss with the artefact in his hand. Unfortunately he had unlocked the full power of the artefact and was not only able to teleport to any point on the battlefield but also was able to manipulate time (allowing a re-roll once per turn).

The Orruks stayed on top and won the event!