The Wargaming Compendium

Listening to the latest episode of a favorite podcast (one of my top five, of course:  Wargaming Recon ), I was impressed with Henry talking about his new wargaming book, and I realized I had never ordered my own copy! Since my purchase, I’ve enjoyed both paging through and looking at pictures and also starting from the first chapter and reading the text. The tone is the familiar and friendly voice of Henry, as heard on a variety of podcasts, and the editing is clear (haven’t spotted any faulty grammar, and not even a typo yet–a rare thing in many wargaming books). And the illustrations throughout are a visual treat.


From the first chapters, I’m learning a good deal about the history of wargaming and (finally) understanding how scales work in historical wargames. And I’ve skipped ahead to check out the chapter on painting, particularly impressed with the brief but information section about painting horses for cavalry. For the first time I understand so much more about horses–at least as far as painting realistic horses and especially markings.


The book also provides a great introduction to understanding the different military units from the Napoleonic era–something else which has mystified me because I never wanted to delve into serious research involving lots of books–here it’s all covered in a few dozen pages.


Wargaming Podcasts

I’ve been listening to The D6 Generation gaming podcast for a few years now, basically since I started tabletop wargaming, and then I started listening to Meeples & Miniatures.  I’ve listened to some other podcasts along the way, but those two are the ones I make a habit of downloading and listening to new episodes when they are released.  Now I have another show to add to my “must listen” list.

Wargaming Recon is a show which has been around for several years, but I just discovered it while making a purchase of some paper terrain PDF items on Wargame Vault; it was one of those items mentioned at one side–“you may like this”–and it was free, so I added it to my purchases.  Turned out, it was episode 84, “Wargaming on the Cheap” and host Jonathan J. Reinhart provided a good introduction to getting into wargaming without spending a lot of cash.  Since then, I’ve gone back and listened to some past episodes, and a conversation with Henry Hyde got me finally interested to take a look at Battlegames magazine of which I’ve started buying PDF copies of the issues starting with the first.  So far I like what I’ve seen, but why shouldn’t I?  I’ve enjoyed listening to Henry in conversation with Neil on the View From the Veranda podcast (I consider it related to Meeples & Miniatures, especially since it doesn’t come out as frequently), and I like the conversational tone with an emphasis on fun and good gamesmanship when it comes to historical tabletop wargaming.