Dystopian Wars Team Game

Last weekend I met several of the regional DW players at a game store in Richmond.  Technically, we all met at a Red Robin in a local mall because the game store didn’t open until noon (what’s the deal with a game store not opening until noon on a Sunday–I’ve been ready to game all morning, and since going to play at the Game Vault at 10 am on any given Sunday is like going to church for me… well, I don’t go to church).  I enjoyed a pint on an empty stomach, and it certainly put me in a good mood to lose the game for my team in the afternoon.

We didn’t have any special plans, and six of us showed up at FTW by noon–we talked about facing off in three different games, but it became clear soon enough that we could play a big game by splitting into respective alliances:  we had 2 Imperial players with a Prussian (well, he also had his Russian fleet as well but admitted a preference for playing his Prussian fleet) against the Grand Alliance composed of Russian, American, and Canadian forces on both land and sea.


Before I could take a picture of the set up, we were away and gaming the first turn. I really like this shot of Eric pointing out something on the middle of the table while John takes a careful measurement. Most game reports feature shots of the miniatures on the table… flanked by bellies behind t-shirts while I prefer to capture a bit of the dyamic of the gamers actually playing these games.

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