Playing Imperial Assault

I recently picked up the new Imperial Assault box from Fantasy Flight Games.  In the past two weeks I’ve painted most of the figures and played several campaign sessions with a group of players, and last night I finally played a skirmish game against an opponent.  My short review:  this is a fast and engaging game system; with the extra rules and cards for a player vs. player miniatures tabletop game along with the more RPG oriented Descent-styled game, this may prove to be a brilliant means for introducing casual tabletop gamers to the strange hobby of miniature gaming, especially considering the popular Star Wars brand.  I’m going to run this at a teen gaming event at the library soon!


2 thoughts on “Playing Imperial Assault

  1. Star Wars Armada, and Star Wars x wing are equally engaging. And would be good for your group…
    Imperial assault is an engaging game

  2. I’ve played X-Wing, and I was thinking about why IA seems to be more popular with the more casual gamers I know. For one thing, the campaign scenarios for IA are great for 3-5 players. And the movement rates are more intuitive for boardgamers–the movement dials and movement templates are different things for new players, while counting spaces on a gridded map seems to make perfect sense to every new player. But, I believe, the multi-player aspect of Imperial Assault, linked with the Star Wars license, may make this a very good introduction to miniature tabletop gaming for many casual boardgame players that might not take to playing X-Wing because of the more competitive, PvP dynamic of that game. I’ll find out how much water my speculation holds when I present Imperial Assault to some teens at our next gaming event more than a year after my attempt to get them to try playing X-Wing.

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