When Game Stores Close

I haven’t posted much lately because of moving house and a busy work schedule.  But as I was planning for our next local gaming event in January, I was surprised with news that my favorite FLGS is closing on Monday.  I still don’t know exactly how to describe how I feel.  For the past year, the gaming and comics store has been my special place between work and home.  When I need to meet friends and unwind with a game… I went to the gaming store.  When I needed to get out of the house… I went to the gaming store.  When I felt up to planning a community event focused on gaming… well, it has been a great year of a lot of gaming, and, more importantly, a lot of new acquaintances and even friends I wouldn’t have otherwise run into if not for running into them at the gaming store.

It was a good year, but at least now I feel we have developed a small community of gamers, and that community, I’m sure, will continue to grow despite the closing of our gamer’s haven.