Demo Games Day

I spent a Saturday in Maryland at Dropzone Games where I had a chance to see this great tabletop gaming store and run some demo games as well as try out some new games.  Shades organized the event, and beside my table set up for The Uncharted Seas was a setup for Deep Wars (two nautical themed games paired together), in the same room with games of Alkemy, Mercs, and Kings of War.


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Game of Muskets & Tomahawks

Our first game of M&T to kick off the Fancy & Lintyan War of 1757:  Winter on the Iohi Campaign

Grover’s Corner is a simple homestead at the intersection of the Southbank River Road and the Grover’s Branch Trail which winds into the Shell Hills where a Royal silver mining mill is in operation.  Captain Barksmith, of the 13th Royal Rearguard which is tasked with protection of the mill and the trade route along Southbank Road to Habernaki Station, received report of a Fancy Marine company operating in the Shell Hills with an allied Hornbred Lintyan Warband.  The Captain dispatched Lieutenant John Harvey with a single platoon of regular redcoat light infantry from the 13th Regiment to supervise and assist the First Iohi Provincial Guard, along with their single field piece, a 3-pounder, to set up at the intersection of Grover’s Corner.

Williamsburg Muster

I reserved a hotel room for Friday night and spent a good deal of time the first weekend of February at the Williamsburg Muster gaming convention.  This was my second gaming convention; I had a great time at my first ever experience at Historicon 2012, and although this wasn’t so big, I enjoyed playing some new (to me) games, meeting some gamers, and taking lots of pictures of some great tabletops.

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