Prepping for Camp Nerdly 2016

I’m looking forward to Camp Nerdly again, coming up the second weekend in May. And, for the fourth year in a row, I’m thinking about what I can do in the kitchen. Camp Nerdly is an annual gaming event in the Prince William Forest Park, where close to 100 gamers gather in the woods to play tabletop board & card games along with storytelling games. It has become my favorite “volunteer” effort each year (I say “volunteer” because I spend more time planning and working in the kitchen to provide 4 hot meals throughout the weekend than I spend actually playing games).

Camp Nerdly

Here’s a shot of my truck after I unloaded food into the walk-in cooler in the main dining hall back on Friday afternoon, before everyone else arrived, back in 2014.

Every year I’ve had an assistant, along with a crew of volunteers to clean up after each meal. A tenet of the Camp Nerdly experience is every attendee signs up for a chore, so that registration costs can be kept to a minimum. And it is that extra help that has allowed me to enjoy some gaming during the weekend, at least. But this year, with 2 assistants willing to help, I think I can really power up the menu and possibly include a hot lunch on Saturday.

If you’re interested in a fun gaming con located in Northern Virginia in a relatively rustic setting which is also family friendy (there are still hot showers along with hot food, so it’s not exactly primitive camping), then I suggest you consider attending this year. Check out their website.

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